Friday, March 31, 2006

Insight On The Weekend

This will definately be a bitter-sweet weekend. First of all, it's April Fool's Day tomorrow, which is one of my favorite days of the year. I used to pull some great ones on my family and friends. The best was the year I called my dad and told him that my car (which I had just gotten at Christmas) had been stolen out of the mall parking lot. I was laughing so hard that my dad thought I was crying and really fell for it. He was always so easy to get (which is funny since he was the one who introduced me to April Fool's Day when he told me at age 3 or 4 to go tell my mom that I threw up on the floor and then say April Fool's. It was all down hill from there).

Anyway, I found an article on MSN today about pranks pulled on co-workers. Here is an exerpt:

If you want to commit an act of April Foolery at work and need some inspiration, here are the top 10 work gags from's survey:

1. Changed the caller ID on a co-worker's phone to read "Mr. Kitten" every time he called someone.

2. Placed random objects from people's desks in the vending machine.

3. Placed a live goldfish in an IV bag in a clinic.

4. Snuck onto someone else's computer and sent out an "I love you" e-mail to the entire office.

5. Wall papered someone's entire cube with headshots of his co-workers.

6. Pulled the shelves out of the break room refrigerator, hid inside and jumped out at co-workers as they opened the door. (wouldn't that get cold?)

7. Sat on the copier and placed the copies back in the paper bin. Anytime co-workers made copies, they had the image of the prankster's backside in the background.

8. Turned all the clocks in the office one hour back to make the work day seem longer. (This might not be a bad idea for one of my co-workers who shows up 30 minutes to an hour late all the time anyway.)

9. Locked all the doors, shut off the lights and put a "Closed" sign in the window when the boss went out for lunch.

10. Placed fake rubber chocolates in the break room and watched as co-workers tried to chew them.

The part that makes it bitter-sweet is Time Change this weekend. I like the one in Spring because the days are longer, but I hate trying to adjust to getting up an hour earlier. I'm already exhausted, so this one is going to be even worse. I might have to go to bed at 8 p.m. Saturday night to make up for it. On the plus side, I will now be in sync with the bird who finds it necessary to start singing outside my window at 5:30 a.m.


Krista said...

So did you play any good april fools day jokes? I had a good one in mind for my mother but I forgot all about it on Saturday.

Stacey said...

Nope. Nothing presented itself. I am a firm believer that the best pranks are ones that present themselves, not the ones you have to try to hard to make happen. =o)