Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random Rambling

I got up this morning with every intention of doing a Random Rambling entry today and then saw Lindsy did one earlier this week. At first I almost refrained because I didn’t want to look like I stole her idea, but then, we do that all the time, so why not again today. It’s not really stealing if you accidentally had the same idea, just a few days later.

Auto Tinting
Yesterday I was having lunch with my friend Jenn & her daughter, Kayla, at Mazzio’s. Across the street is business called “Don Evans Legal Auto Tinting.” Is he implying that everyone else does illegal auto tinting? And what makes auto tinting legal or illegal? Just seems like a random name for a business. Maybe there is a plain ‘ol “Don Evans Auto Tinting” out there and he’s trying to distinguish himself by throwing “legal” in there. Hmmm…

Star Wars
I have been told that I have made it one step closer to coolness because this weekend I finally rented Star Wars Episode III. For those who don’t know, I have never watched the original Star Wars movies. Deprived childhood? Maybe. Some guys I used to know in High School almost couldn’t stand it that I had NEVER seen them. My cousins has the action figures, so I was semi-familiar. Anyway, when they started coming out with Episodes I-III, I decided to just wait and watch them in that order. So, last spring I watched Episodes I & II before III hit the theaters. But when I realized that I had to watch it with subtitles to understand what was going on, I waited to watch III till it came out on video. I’m told I am now due for a Star Wars Trilogy marathon sometime soon. I was also informed Tuesday night that I need to re-watch Space Balls because there is no way I could have truly appreciated it.

Sleep Deprived
Ever since I was informed I have a snake in my attic, I have not been sleeping well. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if it’s just mental, but I have weird dreams that all take place in my bedroom, so wake up several times during the night, freaked out until I realize that it was just a dream. This is not good because there are four stages of Stacey Sleep Deprivation: Stage 1 is when I’m just tired and dragging. Stage 2 is when I get cranky with a capital “C”. Stage 3 is when I get loopy…really really loopy. This can be a fun stage for some because I’m likely to do or say anything. Stage 4 is when I just can’t function any longer. I’ve been known to forget my own name at this stage. Right now, I’m somewhere between stages 1 & 2. Hopefully I will get to sleep in on Saturday to avoid a full fledged stage 2 explosion.

Trace Adkins
I have to make a little confession. My alter-ego is a serious Trace Adkins fan. Actually I think my alter-ego is a little bit of a redneck. But no joke, some of my favorite songs are “Chrome”, “Hot Momma”, and “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”. I caught the tail end of a CMT Hottest Men in Country Music episode last night and I don’t know if he made the list, but I’d be very disappointed if he didn’t. I was disappointed that Kenny Chesney made the top five. I guess he’s supposed to be the most eligible bachelor in Nashville, but honestly I think he is anything BUT sexy. Especially when he wears a hat because the lower half of his face reminds me of my uncle Garry in his younger days and that just creeps me out. Kenny Chesney just makes my skin crawl. BTW, Keith Urban was number one. Good choice!

Give Me My 70’s
Lindsy made reference to the weird weather we’re having. I’m HATING how cold it is right now. You can’t give a girl 70’s & 80’s all winter long and then expect her to be happy about 30’s & 40’s the end of March. Oklahoma had it’s chance for winter and it missed it. Sorry Charlie, you can’t have it both ways. Give me my spring weather back – especially now that it’s spring!

Todd Agnew
There is a song that KLOVE plays a lot by Todd Agnew called “My Jesus” and to be honest with you, I hate that song. I feel some what bad saying that about a Christian song, but it is poorly written in my opinion. The meaning to the song is great, but the arrangement is awful. It sounds like it was written by an amateur. If I’m in my car, I’ll change the station. But the people at KLOVE seem to really like it because I hear it A LOT! He needs to come out with something new so they’ll stop playing that one.

Locks of Love
A co-worker and I were talking about our hair today and she mentioned she was growing her hair out for Locks of Love. That was my intention when I started growing it out this last time, but I got frustrated with it recently and had almost 4 inches cut off. But now knowing I have a support system (someone to keep me from cutting off too much), I might have to give it another shot. I’m probably going to have to find someone cheaper to cut my hair though since I’ll just be getting it trimmed. We’ll see.

Relay for Life
Can't post today without making another plug for Relay for Life. This is a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. The money goes to a great cause. If everyone would donate $1 for every person they have ever known that has been affected by cancer, what a difference that would make. No donation is too small!!! And if you live in the Edmond/OKC area, think about starting or joining a team. I have room for 254 campsites. How awesome would it be to actually have that many teams?!? YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Okay, I’m done. Time to go home and go to the grocery store!


Krista said...

I'm with you on the Todd Agnew song. I've been listening to KLOVE recently. I love what the song says. I have to laugh at some of the comments he makes in the song because they are so true. However, the musical sound of the song is not my favorite and his voice is kinda scratchy. It's hard to sing along to. That's how I judge music easy and fun it is to sing along with.

Suzy said...

I appreciate the plug for Relay in your ramblings. That is ture volunteer! Come on people....Donate! Donate! Donate!