Monday, August 21, 2006

Official Notification of Status Change

Move over Grant Johnston, you have been replaced by Superman! Read Lindsy's blog and it will help explain why. Sorry to bump you, but I'll still watch your weather reports and remember the fond times. =o)


The Anonymous One said...

Superman huh? You do know that technically he is the true definition of "illegal alien"? =)
Poor Grant though, would it help if he wore a cape while doing the weather?

Stacey said...

I don't think Grant could pull off the cape and definitely not the the tights!

The Anonymous One said...

OK, thanks for putting that visual image into my brain-I think I am scarred for life! =)

Suzy said...

I can't to see you and Lindsy duke it out over Superman. I'm glad you are giving up on Grant. Not only is he a sucky ball player, but he can't adlib worth anything as was proven on the radio the other night.

Don't forget to ask Superman if he has a brother for me or the least he could do would be to hook me up with one of his other superhero friends.