Monday, August 21, 2006

Thirty Years Ago Today...

My life turned upside down when this creature, a.k.a my little brother Brad, came into this world.

Boy, were my parents shocked to find out Brenda Renaye turned out to be a Bradley Allen. I was personally offended that he was sleeping when they took me to the hospital to see him. How DARE he! It didn't take me long to figure out that a sleeping Brad is a good thing.

My mom and I were laughing last night about some of the things he's done growing up like washing his toy 3-wheeler and then putting the bath power I got for my birthday all over it. Or riding his Hotwheels down the street and telling the neighbors he couldn't step foot on his block without his permission. Or the time he was jumping on the bed trying to make it collapse on me (I was under it) and the bed did collapse, but I got out first and he ended up with stitches (not the first or last time he got those). Then there was the time my parents were trying to teach him manners and after being warned several times to be quiet and go to sleep, he spared me a spanking when he looked at my dad and said "ladies first." Or the time he was trying to make cinnamon toast and used smoke salt instead (he just grabbed the red lid, didn't read the label.) And no one in our family will ever forget when he decided to remove my mom's broom closet with a sledge hammer in the middle of July. Mom wasn't happy.

So happy birthday, Brad. You made it to 30 and NONE of us ever thought you would!

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Krista said...

Growing up with younger brothers is definitely an adventure. I, like you, am surprised that my brothers have made it as long as they have and actually turned out to be fairly normal people. haha.