Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thoughts for the Day…

Thought #1
Did you know that Pluto has been down-graded and is no longer considered a planet? I’m serious, you can read all about it here. I feel really bad for Pluto. Though then again, maybe that’s how Grant felt about losing his status, so I guess my feeling bad is kind of hypocritical. Anyway, Pluto no longer meets the qualifications and is now considered a “dwarf planet”. Is that politically correct? I’m actually quite disturbed about this because I always liked Pluto. Maybe because it was the smallest which made it the underdog. Anyway, I ‘m bummed about it. Poor Pluto!

Thought #2
I did a very dangerous thing today and didn’t even realize it. I decided to try someone new to cut my hair. Actually, I had gone to her once before, but it was a long time ago and it was only once. This finding a new hair stylist has been difficult. I liked the girl I’ve gone to the last few times, but she’s so far away. Anyway, back to the dangerous part. I walk in today and she asks what I wanted done. I told her it needed trimmed, but that I really hated my hair. She and another stylist got all excited and started making suggestions. They suggested an inverted bob – but I didn’t really want to do that. I kind of wanted to keep the current length, but hated the shape. So I told the perfect stranger that she could do whatever she wanted to do to my hair, just don’t razor it and don’t take too much length off. End result – well I think it’s okay. I think I like the way she cut it, I just don’t like the way she styled it. So the jury is still out on the hair.

I did find this funny…while I was in there this other stylist (Heather) told another customer that she has been asking people if she and Lisa weren’t hair stylists, what they looked like they might be. So she asks me. I hate being put on the spot like that. First she asked about Lisa (the girl cutting my hair) and the first thing that popped into my head was Kindergarten teacher. I have no idea why, that’s just want popped into my head. Then she asked what I thought she looked like she could be. I had to go with my second thought – receptionist, because I didn’t think telling her she looked like a stripper would go over too well. Do not ask me random questions if you don’t want a random answer!


The Anonymous One said...

OK, the stripper comment made me crack up! But, poor Pluto I knew you well. Kind of weird telling my kids (no I don't have any yet)that we used to have 9 planets. Kinda bummed about that somehow.

Karen said...

You could always go with the style from your childhood as seen in the photo from the other post.

Stacey said...

The style from my childhood would probably be better than what I have at the moment. She SOOO screwed up my hair. She always does a really good job on my friend's hair, so I thought I was safe - but not so much. It's uneven and the layers aren't the same on both sides. But I'm going to have to let it grow out some before I can have someone fix it because then it would be way too short. Why did my hair stylist have to move to San Antonio?!? I haven't had a good hair cut in almost two years!!!

Karen said...

I was the same way for awhile, after moving to Dallas. Everyone here wants to charge at least $40, some more. I paid $25 in OK, and I refuse to pay more. I finally found a lady who did a decent job. I chopped my hair back off after the wedding.

Btw, I liked my stylist in OK - Jamie S at Dalton 5 Salon on May. You might look her up. It is far from you though.