Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One Step Closer to “Coolness”

Last night was a monumental moment in the life of Me. I finally watch Return of the Jedi. For those unfamiliar with the history behind this monumental moment, I seem to have had a deprived childhood. I never watched the Star Wars movies as a child. Does this null and void my membership into the Child of the 80’s Club? Probably. Anywho, when the Episodes 1-3 started hitting the theaters, I decided to watch them in that order instead of the order they were released. I finally watched Episodes 1 & 2 before Episode 3 was released, but because I had to watch them with subtitles to understand what was going on, I waited and watched Episode 3 on video too.

A friend had been telling me when I was ready to watch the Star Wars Trilogy, he had the DVDs and I could borrow them. But by time I was watch them, he’d decided that instead of loaning them to me, he was going to bring them over and watch them with me. In all honesty, I thought he was all talk and didn’t think he’d do it. But much to my surprise I finally was able to begin my home stretch to becoming a full-fledged child of the 80’s. Of course, he kept making me wait weeks in between viewing because he had to wait years and just didn’t think it was fair for me not to have to wait some amount of time. The process began in April and 3 months later, I have seen them all.

So what did I think? Well, honestly, I think I’m going to have to watch them again by myself before I can say for sure. He kept giving me commentary on what was going on and I kept asking questions, so I missed quite a bit of dialogue. I guess it does take some of the shock value away when you already know that Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia (sp?) were brother and sister – though still disturbing when you see them kiss!

I am told next on the agenda are the Indiana Jones movies, Spaceballs and Muppets in Space (I have seen the last two, but I'm told they'll make more sense to me now).

On the home front, I spent the weekend looking at flooring. I think I have found something I really like, but the 3 year, no interest special ended last night at midnight and they didn’t know it was ending till yesterday. I know some of you are surprised that I’m planning on installing it myself, but my “construction” friends have every bit of confidence in me and keep telling me I can do it. I guess we’ll see how it goes. The only thing that makes me nervous is cutting it. I really wanted everything to work out so I could start on that phase this weekend. They said to check back this weekend because they haven’t heard yet what their new financing special will be. I’m sure my roommate is ready for it to be done. All the furniture is kind of in the middle of the living room right now because I didn’t want to move it back till I got the chair rail up.


lindsy said...

I love your new blog! It's so cool.
BTW, I've never seen any of those Star Wars/Trek movies. Last summer I tried to watch the 1st Star Wars but fell asleep after the first 10 minutes.

Stacey said...

Yeah, it took a lot of determination (and razzing because I never watched them as a kid). As for Star Trek, no desire to ever watch those. Don't even like the TV shows.

Karen said...

I've had to watch some Star Trek episodes because Scott loves them, and I will admit, I kind of like them now.