Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Career as a Cookbook Author May Be Short Lived

Long story how this has come about, but I have been formatting a cookbook for my church camp in my off time. In the process, I have been reminded of one of those minor pet peeves I have.

As a person who likes to cook…it annoys me to get a recipe and not have all the ingredients listed together at the top. Why? Because it never fails, I’ll be in the middle of making something and halfway through when I’m at a point where I can’t stop, I realize that there is a necessary ingredient that I don’t have because it was tucked away in the ingredients and I didn’t have it on my check list.

So to all of those people out there (who probably aren’t reading this anyway) who submitted recipes to the camp cookbook…if you are offended because you’re recipe is not entered verbatim the way great-grandma whoever gave it to you…tough. Your recipe will be included, but in a functional, organized format. And if you submitted a recipe for – let’s say cinnamon rolls – and you left out the ingredients for the filling…I just co-authored your recipe. Can’t make cinnamon rolls without the cinnamon filling. Just say’in.

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