Monday, March 15, 2010

This is SOOO Wrong

I recently mentioned that I have waited for 9 years to see the ending of The Pretender. I even watched the entire series from the beginning to refresh my memory. This was my personal quest…to have all the answers to all the unanswered questions about the lives of Miss Parker and Jared.

Friday, Netflix did me a favor and sent me the final disk in addition to the movie they had already sent me (thank you Netflix, you’re back in my good graces). Saturday morning I just couldn’t wait any longer. I knew I had a house to clean and a meal to prepare, but I just HAD to see how it ended. All I have to say is “shoot me now!”

-- Stop here if you plan to ever watch the series because potential spoiler ahead --

Yes, some questions were answered, but the most important questions still remained… and some new questions were left unanswered. How did Katherine Parker and Jared’s mom know each other? What happened to Mr. Parker and Bridgett’s baby? Will Jared ever be reunited with his family? AND if the Triumvirate didn’t want Jared because he was a pretender, but for another reason…WHAT WAS IT?!?!

-- Okay, you can start reading again --

Seriously, I have never been so perturbed at the end of watching something (even more so than Jake choosing Vienna and Jason dumping Melissa for Molly). Ugh! All I have to say is all you "Lost" fans, beware…you don’t always get the answers.


jenn b said...

UGGGHHH! That's exactly what I was thinking about Lost. Considering they've added as many questions as they've answered during this final season. I have a bad feeling I just wasted a good portion of my life on that show! Sorry about yours!

Haskew said...

Actually God chose Vienna, I just decided to tag along.

Stacey said...

Haha. Wrong Jake. Wrong Vienna.

Haskew said...

Oh no, there IS no other Jake and there IS no other Vienna. Bring on the Blue Danube Waltz!!