Monday, March 08, 2010

Netflix: I’m Disappointed

Dear Netflix,

Generally we are great friends. I look forward to getting that little red envelope in the mail (I would probably REALLY enjoy you if I could afford the necessary components to watch you instantly on my TV). You have made it possible for me to watch the entire season of "The Pretender" and FINALLY get to see the Season 4 Finale (which turned out to be the series finale, but I digress). All these years I have waited to find out what has happened, and now all that is left is “Pretender 2001/Island of the Haunted” – the movie that answers ALL the questions. I was so looking forward to FINALLY having all the answers, but this morning when I looked at my queue, you decided to send me “Up in the Air” instead.

Yes, I know people say it’s a good movie. Yes, I know it was in my queue. BUT it was NOT on the top of my list. I know you’re excuse will be that it was not available at my location at the time you processed my next shipment (though it SAYS it’s available now). But really, who else on the face of this earth could possibly care to watch “Pretender 2001/Island of the Haunted” at the exact same time I did? Really. I think there is some sort of conspiracy going on here. Netflix, you’re kill’in me!


Herndon4 said...

I loved that show! Every time I make some reference to it, no one knows what I'm talking about. This is the one with "the center," right?

Stacey said...

YES!!! That is the one. I was starting to think I was the only one who ever watched that show.