Friday, March 19, 2010

Multiple Post Friday

Oh where do I start? Let's start with the good news.

Tulip Watch 2010 is well underway. I am so excited that I might actually have blooming tulips this year!!! Heads are starting to appear among the leaves. I am a little nervous about this weekends unnecessary/unwanted/unseasonal snow storm so I will be going out after work today and covering them with plastic to shield them from the cold. I did not come this far to let a little weather ruin my tulips!!!

See...lots of tulips making an appearance this year. I better get a border up before they start mowing or they'll be goners!

If you look close, you can see one of the heads starting to appear. There are at least 3 of these so far.

Now for the frustrating news. The owner of the unit next to mine finally did something about the hole in his siding that was allowing critters into my attic. Not the most professional job, but the hole had been least for now. But it seems that these critters are not deterred by a little patch job. Instead of taking a hint and going elsewhere, they found a new way in. The little boogers just peeled back the screen on one of my eve vents. Actually, since both the patch job and the hole in eve vent just appeared in the last week, I'm thinking they got trapped in by the patch job and found a new way out. You would think they would learn, but it still sounds like they are having a hay day in the casing around my fire place.

This hole is actually big enough for a raccoon to get in...which is unsettling.

Not wanting them to take up permanent residence there and not wanting them to rediscover my attic (oddly, trap has remained untouched in the attic for almost 3 months now)...I was planning to pull out the big guns last night and toss some poison in the eve and fix the hole myself, but sadly my 13' extension ladder is not quite tall enough to reach. So for now I just have to deal until I can hire someone to come fix it.

This is why I can't fix it myself. My 13' ladder only makes it to the bottom of the window.

Oh and if you'll look at the board just above the roof line, they've done a number on that recently too. I can't tell if there is a hole there yet or not. There better not be!


Alyssa said...

My tulips are starting to come up too! How exciting

Mountain Girl said...

I hope you get rid of your critters! I cannot stand uninvited guests in my house! (human or otherwise!) I just found your blog and enjoyed it!