Friday, April 07, 2006

Random Pictures

There really hasn't been anything exciting going on in my life lately (never thought I would miss the raccoons). Everything else going on either isn't worth posting or shouldn't be posted, but since I felt the need to post something (plus I'm bored) I decided to post some pictures I found on my computer.

This would be my family group from camp about three years ago. I'd point everyone out, but I don't remember some of the kids names (oops). This was a pretty cool family though. I had great co-leaders. This would be the only time all year I ever get called "mom". Of course a couple of these kids I would have gladly given up for adoption! Can I just say that I am so glad that I"m no longer a teenager!

This is my friend, Rachel, dressed like an Oompa Loompa (how do you spell that) at a Halloween party Lindsy and I organized two years ago. She and Carol are counting candy. Lindsy and I had all these people and we didn't know what to do with them, so we sent them out trick-or-treating. The team with the most candy won a prize. This party was much more successsful than last years. I think after last year, we're taking a break from hosting Halloween Parties (right, Lindsy?) =o)

This is more pictures of baby Zaine. Isn't he the cutest!!! I'm still waiting to get to see him in person, so these are going to have to do till then.

This is from the Rattle Snake festival in Mangum last year. I think it's coming up here soon, and NO, I will not be attending again. That was a once in a lifetime experience. It wasn't only the snakes that scared me. ;o)

This is my last Christmas tree. I didn't get to put one up last year because I was still unpacking from my move. I'm looking forward to decorating this year!!!!

This is from our float trip a few years ago (2002 I think). I I added the caption after we got this picture back. I love float trips. =o)

And finally, one of my favorites. I feel like saying this quite often.


Anonymous said...

wow must be nice to have that kind of time on your hands

Stacey said...

Dude!!! I was the only one here till 9:30 this morning and EVERYTHING that I had to do depended on the other people being here. I'm busy again, thank you!

Stacey said...

Hey, has any one caught my blonde moment in this post? I almost changed it, but then thought "nah". Too much work.

Suzy said...

Sorry you are bored. I just posted a website that shows Public Services Announcements from the cast of The Office. It might at least give you something mindless to do this afternoon. I haven't found your blonde moment yet. Besides, I am not sure since I am a blonde that I would point it out anyway.

Karen said...

Is it just that the captions don't line up with the photos?

Stacey said...

Nope, that might just be your web browser because they line up on mine. Keep looking!

lindsy said...

Yes we are taking a break on Halloween parties.

Suzy said...

Is it the double "I" "I" in the float trip discription?

Maybe we can start having the parties at my house and we can do something with all the scary trees surrounding my house.h

Stacey said...

Your back yard would make a good haunted forest.